Community Outreach and Student & Youth Mentorship

Citizen Researchers and Citizen Science

If you are an inquisitive, energetic and passionate person interested in having the opportunity to participate in research about todays most unique challenges, send a short email to info@ describing your interests, your contact information (include a resume if you have one available)  and we will contact you about joining our citizen research program.

The DC Experience

Spend a week in Washington, DC to see what professional life in DC is really like. The 2015 session dates are:
Session 1: March 13-17
Session 2: March 20-24
Session 3: March 27-31
Session 4: May 29-June 2
Session 5: June 5-9
Session 6: August 14-18

Sign up for career inquiries with professionals, managers and staff at the National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection, Department of Agriculture, Think Tanks and Senate and Congressional offices.

Get inside information on resumes, applications and job searches from our professional question answer panels and meeting/speaker series.

Sustainability of Small-Scale Farming

The Rural Experience brings students to a property composed of an old, revamped barn on 40-50 acres. The refurbished farm promises a full mile of fencing construction work, leading to space for cattle, chickens, sheep, pigs, or other farm animals. Experts in the field are proposed as the leaders of the Rural Experience, to form a structured summer experience for local 4H minded youth, and a credit bearing agricultural course for college students.

The Society of Global Health Researchers in Action

The financial burden taken on by students to pursue academic credentials AND pursue meaningful research is appreciable. Appreciable to the point that the field of global health researchers and interventionists appears to have become overly selective as fellow colleagues must succumb to more ”main stream” employment options to sustain their personal financial security as the competition for scarce funding pits beginning researchers against long-standing veterans. The Society of Global Health Researchers (SOGHR) came into being in February 2006 after significant brainstorming by its founders.

Smarter Perspectives

Smarter Perspectives has grown out of conversations among young up-and-coming leaders’ interest in pushing the boundary of what can be done, created, expected and cultivated from an aggressive network of dedicated and motivated people…the kind of people who can and will be the dynamic decision-makers of the near future.

Smarter Perspectives offers international and domestic policy research and consulting on a wide array of topics. From renewable energy and issues in transitioning S&T into viable R&D to insights developing in emerging markets and post-conflict regions.