College & University Outreach: The Society of Global Health Researchers in Action

The financial burden taken on by students to pursue academic credentials AND pursue meaningful research is appreciable. Appreciable to the point that the field of global health researchers and interventionists appears to have become overly selective as fellow colleagues must succumb to more ”main stream” employment options to sustain their personal financial security as the competition for scarce funding pits beginning researchers against long-standing veterans.The Society of Global Health Researchers in Action (SOGHR) came into being in February 2006 after significant brainstorming by its founders. The group began with the idea of providing a stable and long lasting organization which could serve as a platform for graduate/entry level researchers in the fields of global health.”What IS global health?”. We chose to adopt this name and all its broadness in order to increase inclusion of people from different backgrounds and interests. Thus, global health may be interpreted as however a member might see their work as a contribution to the greater good of human, environmental and/conservation health – be it air pollution, malaria, policy analysis, rain forest, refugee crisis, or even societal impacts.”