Agricultural STEM Institute for Informal Learning & Sustainability of Small-Family Farms

In summer of 2018 we had the opportunity to transform ~60 acres of near pristine Michigan former-farmland into an operational farm, slowly in 2019 we have reached a point to launch….


We are looking for 3-5 people who would be interested in working on helping create this space as farm hands. You can be a student, home-maker, builder/carpenter or someone just good with their hands looking for a restart/something different for a while.

As payment we are looking at these options and potential combinations:
1. Housing on-site
2. Share-cropping and option
3. Discounted or free animal boarding
4. Resume and references, extra-credit or independent study credit for students

Other Projects of Interest
– 2019/20 Fall & Spring Farm & Field Concert Series Fundraisers
– Farm to Table Store and Cafe
– Animal Husbandry and Hunting classes
– Canning and Sausage making


Fall Farm Field Concert Series

Results International Research & Consulting, DC Youth Tours and a host of other like-minded organizations are coming together to raise money to start the Agriculture Informal Science Learning Institute in SW Michigan where kids and families will be able to learn about agriculture, work with animals and participate in 4-H activities at area county fairs.

We are looking for vendors, volunteers, partner organizations, bands and others interested in selling their wares, showing their talent or raising money for a charity of their choice! The venue is a scenic, quaint, rural location of 60 acres tucked in the bounty of Cass County between Niles, Cassopolis and Dowagiac.

Everyone should experience a peaceful afternoon of live music, food and family – so why not be a part of the affair?!

Join us for the 2019  Fall Field Concert Series!

Contact us for more details on how you and your organization can become partners:


The Institute Informal Learning and Education for Ag-STEM
Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are major components of many industries, including agriculture. These same knowledge foundations and skills can be applied to any number of employment and academic fields to increase a person’s potential for success in the class room or in the job market.

A partnership between Results International and the nation’s leading program in Ag-STEM education at the University of Florida’s Ag-STEM Laboratory are bringing The Institute for Informal Learning and Education to Niles, Michigan to help bridge the art of school-based learning with applied learning and active, long-term, hands-on engagement.

Beginning in summer 2020 the Institute will start very small, near the city borders of Niles and Cassopolis by offering family free use of the facility for meetings, small scale gardening boarding and/or raising livestock (including but not limited to horse, goats, chickens, and cattle). As the programs grow, we will begin partnering with other organizations such as 4-H clubs, YMCAs, Girls and Boys Scout troops, FFA clubs and others to continue to develop of network of options for families to engage.

The Institute is excited to be joining the SW Michigan and NW Indiana communities and hope you will join us in spreading the word. We are currently seeking volunteers to:

–          Brainstorm new ideas, projects and programs  that will be of interest to the community

–          Design programs, facility growth plans and community outreach

–          Special events coordinators (concerts, on-site camping,  other great ideas)

–          Schedulers and farm/barn hands to assist newcomers

–          Educators, 4-H leaders, parents and clubs

–          Livestock and garden attendees

–          Walking and horse trail designers

–          Webmaster/webpage designer(s)