University Outreach: Smarter Perspectives

Smarter Perspectives has grown out of conversations among young up-and-coming leaders’ interest in pushing the boundary of what can be done, created, expected and cultivated from an aggressive network of dedicated and motivated people…the kind of people who can and will be the dynamic decision-makers of the near future.

Smarter Perspectives offers international and domestic policy research and consulting on a wide array of topics. From renewable energy and issues in transitioning S&T into viable R&D to insights developing in emerging markets and post-conflict regions.


To be an insightful forum for post-millennial discussion on human security, global development, and geopolitical complexity through an active network of emergent policy and technical professionals that generates accessible, professional research material and community work for positive policy change.


We contribute to the policy community using the highest measures of professionalism, respect, and responsibility towards improving human welfare by providing thoughtful, practical, and creative ideas for emerging and existent global issues while encouraging knowledge equity among our audience and beyond.