Adnan Samma – Research Intern

About Me:

Although of Indian ancestry, I grew up in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East where I achieved a diverse multicultural and multilingual background. Experiencing the Rwandan Genocide and the Congo Wars has cultivated my sense of global awareness, which taught me how education, policy restructuring, and finance is instrumental to helping individuals overcome the vicious cycle of poverty. Learning about the difficulties in access to water and the role of water in developing countries had sparked my interest, fueling my passion for international development and sustainability. I am currently studying Economics and International Relations at Florida International University, Miami and will graduate in April 2015. Upon graduation, I plan to continue my research on the role of water in conflict zones and aims to develop a career in business development and consulting.

Political instability and conflict play a significant role in influencing access to water and ultimately, the impact of the nation’s economic growth. In Qatar, I interned for Trinity Environmental Consultancy International where I conducted market research for a groundwater monitoring project with Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries. Interning for Miami-Dade County led the team and I to design a water conservation plan and perform research for water efficient technologies for the Stephen P. Clark Government Center. I have experience with business development where I worked for a renewable energy solution firm called Alternate Energy Solutions – Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There, I managed intensive market research for the startup and participated in extensive efforts to create business solutions for the expansion Kinshasa’s renewable energy market. Currently, I am beginning my internship with the International Rescue Committee in Miami as well, where I will work with the refugee settlement program for Syrian refugees.

Academic History:

Florida International University
Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Relations (2015) 

Languages (French, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Lingala, Swahili)
Community Service and Public Speaking (Model United Nations)
Poetry and Creative Writing

Research Interests:
International Relations of the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South-Asia
Islamic Jurisprudence, Law, and Theology
International Development (Refugee Resettlement, Sustainability, Water and Sanitation)
World Religions