Alex Lintz – Research Intern

About Me:
I come from a small town in Central California called Sutter Creek but have also spent a considerable amount of time living and studying abroad in Spain, Brazil and Vietnam. Soon after coming to the George Washington University I decided on a double major in Economics and International Affairs, though I only recently decided on pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics. In order to better prepare myself for the quantitative needs of a BS in Economics I have taught myself the R statistical language and am working on learning practical skills such as web scraping and data analysis.
This past Fall I was able to conduct research in two Vietnamese villages about the effect of the Government’s New Rural Development Project using a survey as well as help from local faculty at the Can Tho University. Last year I had the good fortune to intern with the Amazon Conservation Association where I was able to research the potential encroachment of palm oil plantations on primary forests in Peru among other interesting conservation issues. I am currently an intern at CG/LA infrastructure helping with their new online project platform called GViP as well as aiding in the organization of events for infrastructure professionals.

Academic History:
B.A. in International Affairs & Economics with concentration on Economic Development, The George Washington University, May 2016

Hobbies and Interests:

Academic Disciplines:
International Affairs

Research Interests:
Economic Development
Post-conflict Economic/infrastructure Recovery
Environmental Policy
Government Policy
Agricultural Policy & development
Economic Policy (especially in developing world)