Christopher Parmly – Research Assistant

About Me:

I am the youngest in a family with two children, a French-American dual citizen, and a State Department brat.  I grew up in Washington DC and in several foreign countries, an experience that helped shape my interest in world affairs.  I received my B.A. in International Relations from American University in 2009.  In college, I decided to focus my interest specifically on the Middle East; I studied abroad in Cairo between my junior and senior years, and during my last semester, interned at the university’s Center for Global Peace, where I had to monitor daily developments in Iraq during the 2009 elections.  The experience confirmed my interest in the region and my interest in research and analytical work specifically.


When I returned to university for my M.A. a few years later, I had narrowed my field of interest specifically to Iran, one of the most important nations in the Middle East as well as one of the oldest and culturally richest.  I am currently working to learn Persian, have written most of my term papers on Iran-related issues (including its nuclear program, Western sanctions, the 2009 Green Movement, and the nature of the peace between Iran and the U.S).  The thesis I am currently working on focuses on how Iran policy has affected relations between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia in the last decade.


My professional background includes experience in research and analysis (for the United Nations Office in Geneva and American University Center for Global Peace), data management (for the Export Import Bank of the United States and the American mission in Cuba), as well as more hands-on work as an enumerator for the United States Census Bureau.  Although research and analysis remains my favorite work, my experience with data management has helped me to become better at organizing my work while the Census experience gave me an opportunity to collect information outside of an academic context, both of which have made me a better researcher.  After completing my M.A, I hope to find employment with the federal government and put the experience I have accumulated to work in the defense and/or foreign policy sector.


Academic History:

B.A. International Relations, American University, 2009

Currently a candidate in the M.A. program in International Relations at Florida International University


Hobbies & Interests:

Language (Persian, German)

Reading and writing

International travel


Academic Disciplines:

International Relations

Security Studies

Middle Eastern Studies


Research Interests:

U.S. foreign policy

Politics of the Persian Gulf

Non-state actors in conflict zones

Military history