Daniel Kim – Research Assistant

About Me:
I am a Korean American born in San Jose, California. However, I lived most of my life in Singapore. Spending most of my life living abroad, I decided to attend the George Washington University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs. Soon after, I declared a concentration in security policy and a second major in economics in order to become more knowledgeable in a broad spectrum. Currently, I am learning Spanish and participating in the George Washington University Men’s Rugby Football Club.

Academic History:
B.A. in Economics and International Affairs with concentration in Security Policy, The George Washington University, May 2017

Hobbies and Interests:
– Technology
– Sports
– History
– Traveling
– Music


Academic Disciplines:

– International Affairs

– Economics


Research Interests:

– Environmental Science & Renewable Energies

– US/Russia relations

– US/East Asia relations

– US/Middle East relations

– East Asian economies

– Cold War era related events

– Counter-terrorism Policy

– Security Policy

– Foreign Policy