Jessie Abouarab – Lead Researcher

I am originally Lebanese. Therefore the Arabic language is native for me. I spent most of my school years in an Arabic / French school with the Jesuits, making me proficient in French. Living and studying in Miami, Florida for eight years allowed me to become fluent in Spanish as well. I am a qualified, dedicated International Development professional, specializing in international law, foreign policy and security issues.

I have a strong academic grounding in international relations, conflict resolutions, and human rights. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences from the American University of Beirut (2004). I have earned my Masters Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy from Notre Dame University in in Louaize (2007). I am currently finishing my Doctorate in foreign policy and security studies. My focus is on conflict in the Middle East and the implications of today’s changes that are overwhelming that area.

I am a published writer. My book was initially my thesis for the Master’s degree program. You can find my book on In addition to being a published writer, I possess excellent organizational skills and an ability to maintain the big picture while attending to details and logistics. I worked as a field organizer for the midterm elections in 2014. I worked as an Issue Organizer for Organizing for Action in Miami, focusing on immigration reform and gun violence prevention in 2013. I am an excellent communicator, with an ability to manage large teams of people; and I remain calm and positive under pressure.

In addition to being an Academic, I am an Advocate and an Activist for women’s rights and gender equality. My life and career have been driven by a strong passion for human rights and bringing equality and freedom to all disadvantaged people around the world. Interning at the United Nations/ESCWA, and working as a political analyst in Comtrax Solutions, I have always believed the West has a responsibility to help those disadvantaged nations to grow, and I would love to play an integral part in that by teaching and writing about it.

During my latest job as the demand/complaint Manager in Barakat Legal PA (2011-12), I have developed experience in research, fieldwork, data management and report writing.

My nongovernmental consultancy work has been observation coordination in both the 2010 municipal and 2009 parliamentary elections in Lebanon for the International Foundation of Electoral System. My job was to collect and analyze data on the impact and effectiveness of the electoral system in Lebanon and its impact on its communities. Observing the electoral process is an important safeguard for integrity. It is one of the checks-and-balances that protect the viability and honesty of election administration. Public reporting by observers increases transparency that helps us ensure election officers’ accountability towards their citizens.


Academic History:

Ph.D in International Relations (Present)


M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy (2007)


B.A. In Political Sciences (2004)



Hobbies & Interests:
Advocate, Activist and Academic

Volunteerism & Community Service
Language (Arabic, English, French, Spanish,)
Traveling & Extreme Sports


Research Interests:
International Law and Theory

Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

Development and Gender Equality