Justin Culman

About Me:
I began my education at the University of Oregon as a Human Physiology major with a Pre-Med track. However, as I started completing University requirements, I began to branch out and take courses in Geography and Environmental Studies. I realized that my passion and career goals had switched, and subsequently I changed to a double major in Environmental Science and Geography. In those disciplines, I am continuing my discovery and appreciation for nature and striving to further my education in environmental issues and GIS.

Additionally, I have taken the initiative to gain experience in fieldwork through various projects. I embarked on an academic connections field project on the main island of Hawaii where I learned and experienced the ecosystems and environmental pressures on the island. I also worked on an environmental sustainable design conference at the University of Oregon concerned with strategies to create infrastructures that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Projects such as these have fueled my passion for diving into environmentally related research opportunities.

Academic History:
Candidate for a B.S. in Environmental Science (Life Science Concentration) and Geography (GIS Concentration) at the University of Oregon

Hobbies and Interests:
Rock Climbing
Scuba Diving

Academic Disciplines:
Environmental and Physical Geography

Research Interests:
Environmental Policy
Role of GIS in Environmental Conflicts