Current/Post Conflict and Disaster

**NOTICE: All requests for project support in conflict/disaster regions designated  by the U.S. State Department are extremely dangerous and will be consulted on directly with Director Mourning-Star due to the high level of sensitivity.


Dr. Phoenix Mourning-Star specializes in work in conflict and disaster regions. Foreign and domestic, if you are a researcher in need of support for primary data gathering for surveys or samples. Dr. Mourning-Star has years of experience in insertion, exfiltration from some of the most dangerous regions of the world. From his PhD work in Afghanistan (NSF supported dissertation highlight), excursions into T’blisi, Georgia during the 2008 conflict with Russia, to witnessing first hand the 2009 coup in Honduras – Phoenix personally overseas all of our projects in questionable territories.

No matter if you are an academic research team needing samples retrieved in a “hard-to-access” areas of the world or are applying for an NSF RAPID grant or you are a think-tank/NGO in need of someone with “special skills” to acquire real-time on-the-ground, first-person situation reporting – Results International Research & Consulting can provide you the support you need.


*All of our team is covered by the best possible insurance as the situation on the ground dictates. We use some of the same insurance providers as the New York Times, Washington Post and other well-known organizations who practice their trade-craft in unstable areas.