GIS Fellowship

RIR&C GIS Fellowship

The goal of our GIS Fellowship is to provide Fellows an experience that is professionally relevant to their interests (professional development, product development/writing and management), while also developing a program or project they can showcase as accomplishments and products (OpEds, interviews, co-authorship of publications and commentary).
To address these goals, our GIS Fellowships are structured based on the following objectives have been outlined with the emphasis to provide flexibility for individual Fellows:

  1. Preliminary Timeframe
    1. Fellowships are typically 3-month terms, running on academic semesters;
      1. Extensions can be discussed in final month of the Fellowship.
    2. Product Development/Writing
      1. 300-450 words per week on a current event relevant to the Fellow’s expertise;
        1. Every 2-3 weeks, this topic can be procured into an OpEd/Opinion piece
          1. To engage the spirit of the International Fellowship, these finished writing products should be translated into a non-English language (Fellow’s choice).
        2. Other writing/research as available
          1. This could include presentation of academic course work or other projects which might simply be posted as Facebook content.
        3. Additional Research
          1. With respect to time the Fellow has available, other research engaged by Results International Research & Consulting may be offered to the Fellow to take part in.
        4. Interviews/Commentary
          1. Be available once per month to be interviewed (via conference call/Skype) 15-30 minutes about topics in the Fellow’s specialty;
            1. These may be the basis of your writing from 1.(a) or other current events (Fellow’s choice).
          2. Management/Professional Development
            1. Participate in and assist in the Fellow application process for the Fellow cohort following.


Application Process: