Opportunities & Internships

***Currently Hiring: U.S. Campus Student Coordinators/Representatives***
Results International Research & Consulting is currently seeking students to be Campus Coordinators and Representatives on their campuses nationwide for the Spring 2019 academic year term and Summer 2019.
Coordinators will assist in creating travel plans and speaking engagements for our speakers to engage with students, faculty and campus organizations about topics relevant to your college/university.
Representatives will assist in informing their campus about research, Op-Eds and opportunities for students, including organizing their campus to attend the Results International Research & Consulting Professional Development Training in Washington, DC.

Priority Consideration Deadline for Spring: January 15 (5PM EST)
Priority Consideration Deadline for Summer: April 20 (5PM EST)
Priority Consideration Deadline for Fall: August 15 (5PM EST)

National & International University/College Affiliated Student Program
At Results International Research & Consulting, we believe the future of our planet relies on current and future generations to have the opportunities to take bold steps toward innovation. Furthermore, innovation is not solely the domain of science and technology – innovation in education, application, policy and governance and inclusive strategies that blend critical and divergent thinking to develop the unique and creative solutions the world demands of our youth.

To address this need, we have developed Campus Affiliate program through the Society of Global Health Researchers in Action and Smarter Perspectives which allows current students to leverage resources and networks we have developed over the years to work together across boundaries of state, mind and thought to engage the world.
To start a chapter at your campus, email us at info@ ireinspire.com.

Priority Consideration Deadline for Spring: January 15 (5PM EST)
Priority Consideration Deadline for Summer: April 20 (5PM EST)
Priority Consideration Deadline for Fall: August 15 (5PM EST)

Here are some of the things our recent Fellows and Interns had to say and points they’ve included on their resumes:


“One of the very first things that I worked on for my Fellowship was the Niger River Delta project. I really enjoyed working on this project, because it gave me insight into more environmental issues that there are going on around the world, which is something that has never really been my focus. It was also a nice jumping off point to get the internship started.”

“The Brazil Research topic on water and the military- I enjoyed the research and writing for that project, it was a good project to use and integrate together a variety of academic, government, and news source.”

Resume Points:

  • Worked as team leader and coordinated the people working on the Whole of Government policy paper.
  • Prepared a brief to encourage policy action in the area of geospatial intelligence.
  • Worked independently and remotely on time sensitive projects.
  • Used ArcGIS to organize, display data in a meaningful and analytical manner.
  • Currently working with a team of research assistants examining and researching about the role of water in security conflicts.
  • Leading a team that is conducting research on the Nile Crisis.
  • Researched impact of ISIS movements on hydrology in Iraq and Syria.
  • Developing social media platforms for outreach and responsible for recruiting new research assistants.
  • Wrote short papers on water and national security in Brazil and the Abu Darya region.


The Application Process for all opportunities:

  1. Please email your resume to admin@ iReInspire.com with the title of the Fellowship or Internship you are applying to in the subject line (ex. “APPLICANT: Fellowship”).
  2. Complete the short application HERE.

An example of the typical professional progression is illustrated in the table below:

Title Min. Education Experience w/ RIR&C (mos) Assignment Metric Term Length in Months (renewable)
Intern/Fellow/Research Asst/Project Assoc. Undergrad 0-2 85% 6
Intern/Fellow/Trainer Undergrad 2-3 85% 6
Intern/Recruiter Undergrad 3-4 90% 9
Coordinator Adv. Undergrad 5-6 90% 6-N/A
Fellow/Manager MS 3-5 92% 6-N/A
Fellow/Consultant Adv. MS 6+ 95% 6-N/A

The goal of our Fellowships are to provide Fellows an experience that is professionally relevant to their interests (professional development, product development/writing and management), while also developing a program or project they can showcase as accomplishments and products (OpEds, interviews, co-authorship of publications and commentary).
To address these goals, our Fellowships are structured to provide practitioners, academics and students the flexibility to investigate their specific interests.

Priority Consideration Deadline for Spring: January 15 (5PM EST)
Priority Consideration Deadline for Summer: April 20 (5PM EST)
Priority Consideration Deadline for Fall: August 15 (5PM EST)

Additional Opportunities
While we do have a rolling application process, please note that most positions have application deadlines for priority consideration. You can find the external link to the  application here. Please email your resume to admin’at’iReInspire.com.

Below are a listing of the opportunities we currently have available – if you would like to design your own internship experience, please include a one page description of the experience you are proposing when you submit your resume. Please note that most internships, while unpaid are extremely flexible to student schedules, time and provide the option to use work produced for academic credit such as independent studies and course work. Mentoring is provided in accordance with Department of Labor standards along with quality career and resume guidance.