The DC Experience and Networking Hubs

The DC Experience Program Description The DC Experience is a program designed for college and university students (18 years+) who have an interest in gaining a direct experience, exposure and understanding of how the political machine of Washington, DC functions in relation to their degree program and future internship/employment options and how to be empowered citizens, voters and informed about citizen-driven policy influence. Each session is led by Results International Founder/CEO Dr. Phoenix Mourning-Star, who has extensive experience in national and international governmental affairs, non-governmental activities, science, research and preparing students for careers through mentoring…. Read More

Agricultural STEM Institute for Informal Learning & Sustainability of Small-Family Farms

In summer of 2018 we had the opportunity to transform ~60 acres of near pristine Michigan former-farmland into an operational farm, slowly in 2019 we have reached a point to launch…. **************** We are looking for 3-5 people who would be interested in working on helping create this space as farm hands. You can be a student, home-maker, builder/carpenter or someone just good with their hands looking for a restart/something different for a while. As payment we are looking at these options and potential combinations: 1. Housing on-site 2. Share-cropping and option… Read More

University Outreach: Smarter Perspectives

Smarter Perspectives has grown out of conversations among young up-and-coming leaders’ interest in pushing the boundary of what can be done, created, expected and cultivated from an aggressive network of dedicated and motivated people…the kind of people who can and will be the dynamic decision-makers of the near future. Smarter Perspectives offers international and domestic policy research and consulting on a wide array of topics. From renewable energy and issues in transitioning S&T into viable R&D to insights developing in emerging markets and post-conflict regions. MISSION To be an insightful forum for post-millennial… Read More