We use a variety of geographic information system (GIS) tools to provide visual and statistical analytics for our projects. ArcGIS, Open-Street maps, Google/Google Earth and many other private and open source tools can be leveraged for the best view of data based queries. Advertisements


Energy is the basis of 21st century existence – it connect us in the human-animal ecological web of food, water and survival. Our energy research and contributions encompass a multi-disciplinary approach toward securing the planet’s energy balance. From renew able energy development in biofuels, solar and wind, to energy policy and the S&T that drive us toward sustainable energy – Results International Research and Consulting is interested in energy for all.

Current/Post Conflict and Disaster

**NOTICE: All requests for project support in conflict/disaster regions designated  by the U.S. State Department are extremely dangerous and will be consulted on directly with Director Mourning-Star due to the high level of sensitivity.   Dr. Phoenix Mourning-Star specializes in work in conflict and disaster regions. Foreign and domestic, if you are a researcher in need of support for primary data gathering for surveys or samples. Dr. Mourning-Star has years of experience in insertion, exfiltration from some of the most dangerous regions of the world. From his PhD work in Afghanistan (NSF supported dissertation… Read More