Current/Post Conflict and Disaster

**NOTICE: All requests for project support in conflict/disaster regions designated  by the U.S. State Department are extremely dangerous and will be consulted on directly with Director Mourning-Star due to the high level of sensitivity.   Dr. Phoenix Mourning-Star specializes in work in conflict and disaster regions. Foreign and domestic, if you are a researcher in need of support for primary data gathering for surveys or samples. Dr. Mourning-Star has years of experience in insertion, exfiltration from some of the most dangerous regions of the world. From his PhD work in Afghanistan (NSF supported dissertation… Read More

Agricultural STEM Institute for Informal Learning & Sustainability of Small-Family Farms

In summer of 2018 we had the opportunity to transform ~60 acres of near pristine Michigan former-farmland into an operational farm, slowly in 2019 we have reached a point to launch…. **************** We are looking for 3-5 people who would be interested in working on helping create this space as farm hands. You can be a student, home-maker, builder/carpenter or someone just good with their hands looking for a restart/something different for a while. As payment we are looking at these options and potential combinations: 1. Housing on-site 2. Share-cropping and option… Read More