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Some Quotes about our prior programs

“We heard from her more during this program than we have the whole time she’s been at college! This was by far the most excited we’ve heard her all year – she already wants to move to DC. This one week may have been worth as much as her entire college experience so far!”
– Parent of a student participant during airport pick-up.

“They’re amazing – these students are like ‘Environmental Avengers’! They give me hope for our future.”
– Dr. B. Jones; National Center for Environmental Research, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

“I’m in my senior year in political science. I thought I knew what politics and political science was – the meetings taught me so much more than books or lectures.”
– Past Student, 2014 Alum

“Intense! We all were tired every day – just out of it. Every day was full, fun and full. The best part was that we didn’t just listen to people ramble – we had interactive conversations. I made some really great contacts.”
– 2013 Alum

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