The Phoenix Fellowship

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Being a Phoenix Fellow
Phoenix Fellows develop longtime professional and personal bonds. As a strong, focused community, Phoenix Fellows are creating a new generation of engaged and connected leaders. Although the participation in The DC Experience Program is a central component to the Phoenix Fellowship, selection as a Phoenix Fellow requires additional effort in the application and candidates are selected for their extra-ordinary character, skills, contributions as global citizens and prospect for leadership among their peers.

What the Phoenix Fellowship Offers
The Fellowship is intended to develop outstanding leaders nationwide dedicated to communicating a strong internationalist view of issues based engagement with credibility and authenticity.

Trainings & Regional Retreats
Phoenix Fellows participate in other trainings and retreats. Throughout the year we also host other presentations and trainings, which deepen skills in areas such as communications, politics, and organizing—all geared toward creating change locally and nationally.

How Fellows Contribute
A particular benefit of the Phoenix Fellowship is the opportunity to not just learn, but to immediately begin engaging the political and policy conversation of greatest interest and most importance. Once a Phoenix Fellow, you will be expected to take part in one or more of our opportunities to affect the public debate:

Speak/Write in the Media
Our speakers and writers have a practiced media track record publishing and speaking in regional and local media (not just academic journals). Fellows spread their message by writing in the media and speaking on TV/Radio. Our Communications teams facilitate outreach to the press to help Fellows get into the media cycle.

Fellows who serve as support research assistant advisors to Results International have the credibility to write and speak on a broad range of issues (from environment to immigration or energy security). They enjoy speaking and writing plainly, in non-policy wonk language.

Individuals who are committed to their local or professional communities for the long haul may share their training and expertise with those in their professional lives, and connect communities that may not otherwise be acquainted. Connectors help us get the message of issues based engagement into regional, ethnic, and/or activist communities.


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