Results International Research, Consulting and Solutions provides clients support and innovative solutions.
Each project and client request is assigned expert specialists in education analytics, statistics, ecology, public health, cyber security and other experts as needed to provide a holistic-360 perspective on options and solutions.


  • Policy
    • Science, Technology, Space and Society Policy
    • Defense Acquisition: Budgeting and Operational Testing
    • Civil Rights & Equality in Science 
    • Energy Policy
    • Heathcare Policy
    • Climate & Environment Policy
  • Management
    • Life Cycle Assessments
    • Project Management
    • Science of Test/Experimental Design
    • Bench-marking
    • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Risk & Attribution
    • Risk Assessment
    • Cyber Risk and Information Assurance Research
    • Design of Experiments
  • Environment
    • Environmental Impact Assessments & Statements
    • Environmental Justice Issues 
    • International Water and Resource Dispute Research

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