Results International Research, Consulting and Solutions provides clients support and innovative solutions.
Led by our D&I Director who is leading the the state of Maine’s first Regional Community-to-Business Municiple Economic Diversity Initatives, we have the insight and experience to integrate D&I into actionable results through data-driven research and outreach – we have success in the nation’s least diverse state, we can make success happen with your needs. Our Director sites on the board of Worplace Fairness and was an integral member of the Black American West Museum’s Board of Directors.


  • Inclusive Diversity Education
  • Diversity Statements
  • Civil Rights & Equality in Science 
  • Environmental Justice Issues 
  • Engaged Storytelling
  • Programs
    • Awareness-to-Action (A2A) Program
    • ADDED Growth Program (Accessing Diversification for Diversity in Economic Development)
    • Workplace GET DEEP Program (Gender Empowerment Training ā€“ Diversity, Equity, Engagement & Parity)

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