Results International Research, Consulting and Solutions provides clients support and innovative solutions.
Each project and client request is assigned expert specialists in education analytics, statistics, diversity/inclusivity, ecology, public health, cyber security and other experts as needed to provide a holistic-360 perspective on options and solutions.


  • Institutional Augmentation
    • STEM Education Analysis & Innovation
    • External Evaluation
    • Diversity & Inclusiveness/Title IX
    • IRB Review
    • Risk Assessment
    • Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development
    • Grant Writing & Management
    • Portfolio Analysis
  • Statistical Support
    • Design of Experiments
    • Data Analysis & Visualization: Regression (logistic, linear, MV), Survival Analysis, Risk Modeling
    • Risk Assessment
    • Bench-marking
    • Modeling: R, SAS, Python, Monte Carlo, Cyber Table Top
    • Learning Outcomes Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Project Management
  • Research Areas
    • Risk Assessment
    • Energy Policy
    • Clinical Trials
    • Decision and Innovation Science
    • Ecology, Climate & Environmental Science
    • Curriculum Development
    • Environmental Impact Assessments & Statements
    • International Water and Resource Dispute Research
    • Heathcare Policy
    • Science, Technology, Space and Society Policy
    • Defense Acquisition: Budgeting and Operational Testing
    • Cyber Risk and Information Assurance Research
  • Student Programs
    • College/Graduate School Application, Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships
    • Access, Culture & Equity (ACE) Resources
    • Student Professional Development/Career Development
      • DC Experience (DCx)
      • Agriculture Experience (AGx)
      • Tech Experience (TECx)
    • Research Evaluation & Editing and Development
    • Grant and Fellowship Writing
    • Project Management


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